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On Call Services
On Call Services
We render specialized “On Call” facility services in India using High­end equipment, consumables in an Organized & Professional manner at the convenience of a phone call or internet.
Services covered
Upholstery Care, Floor Care, Washroom Deep Cleaning, Kitchen Deep Cleaning, Garden Maintenance, Pest Control and Façade Care.
Comprehensive Packages for
Home, Office, Factory, Mall, Hotel
and other Institutions
List of Services

Upholstery Care

As we all know, Upholstery cannot be deep cleaned in our day to day cleaning nor can our domestic Vacuum Cleaner handle it beyond a point. It requires an experts job to give it a renewed look. We at Urja use high-end Machines, tools & chemicals to give your Upholstery a fresh look and feel. We cover everything that comes under Upholstery including Sofa, Chair Shampoo, Carpet Shampoo, Curtain/Mattress Care, Oriental Rug.

  • Sofa Shampoo
  • Chair Shampoo
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Curtain/Mattress Care

Floor Care

Broadly there are two kinds of Floor Care that covers the entire gamut. Floor Scrubbing & Floor Polish.

  • Floor Scrubbing (Marble, Tile & All other kinds of Stone) - Floor Scrubbing is a process in which the Machine and Special Chemical is applied to Deep Clean the Floor which is not possible through normal Mopping. All kinds of Floor can be covered under this.
  • Floor Polish (Crystallization & Honing) - Floor Polishing is a step above Floor Scrubbing. Under this there is Honing & Crystallization of the floor. It is applicable on all kinds of Marble & Stone. The objective is to renew the flooring by honing the dull surface and producing a high gloss surface. This can only be carried by trained experts as otherwise it may result in damage of the floor.

Garden Maintenance

Kitchen is the cynosure of any homemaker. All the floor tiles, wall tiles are scrub cleaned, Sink, Taps, Glass, Chimney, Wash Area is deep cleaned using special Chemical meant just for kitchen.

  • Mechanized Garden Maintenance

Pest Control

All types of Pest Management Services. You may get a AMC done where in our team will come bi annually or quarterly to prevent bugs, rodents or any other treatment you are troubled with or may get one time service to counter the issue.

Façade Care

Building Elevation/Façade of any type. Our team has an expertise of handling Mid-rise & High-rise building façade cleaning. We have Rescue & Safety kits, other tools & chemicals to provide you with the right solution.

  • Building Elevation/Façade of any type
List of Cleaning Services

Washroom Deep Cleaning

Washrooms are considered the indication of overall upkeep of any property. But what if despite your best intentions your washroom goes dull every now and then. Avail our Expert Services to tackle those stiff stain/marks on the wall, give a new look to your Sanitary wares, get rid of Scaling marks present almost everywhere.

  • Deep Hygiene Cleaning of your Washroom

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen is the cynosure of any homemaker. All the floor tiles, wall tiles are scrub cleaned, Sink, Taps, Glass, Chimney, Wash Area is deep cleaned using special Chemical meant just for kitchen.

  • Deep Hygiene Cleaning of your Kitchen

Pressure Washing

Residential Cleaning

Mechanized cleaning of your complete house including your Kitchen, Washroom, Sofa, Chair, Carpet, Floor, Glasses etc. You have an option of opting a complete package or you may go item wise depending on your requirement. Please go to our Cleaning Packages to choose yours.

Commercial Cleaning

Under this we cover Multiplex, Commercial Building, Office Space, Mall, Showroom, Hospitality for their On Call Service needs. We have a separate team which is trained to cater to this segment.

Post Construction Cleaning

Thorough Cleaning of your premises once the construction is over using Chemicals & Tools that are a must to do justice to the cost of new construction that you have incurred.

Industrial Cleaning

Factory Shop Floor, Office Space, Height Cleaning, Road Cleaning and all other aspects are covered under one roof through our Industrial Cleaning module.
Qes: Do I have to provide any material to your team?

Ans: No, our team is equipped with all the requisite tools, material & consumable to do the job.
Qes: Do I need to be prepared in any ways before Urja team comes?

Ans: Yes, you are requested to keep the area to be addressed free from any household item and to ensure that other household activity is not being carried out. You are also requested to move expensive artefact, electronic gadgets etc to be removed from the said area.
Qes: What if I am not satisfied with the service?

Ans: Our Customer Service will be happy to address your query and assure you to redo the job.
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